Harry Meadley is an artist born and based in Leeds, UK, who takes a conversational and cooperative approach to art making, often working with galleries and arts organisations in the development of projects that address how art operates in a social context whilst seeking to challenge, transform and reclaim the intended uses of public space.

Harry Meadley is an artist born and based in Leeds, UK, who takes a conversational and cooperative approach to art making, often working with galleries and arts organisations in the development of projects that address how art operates in a social context whilst seeking to challenge, transform and reclaim the intended uses of public space.

Free-for-All, Touchstones, Rochdale
Civic Skateboarding, LEEDS 2023
(Solo Exhibition)
Free-for-All, Touchstones, Rochdale
My World My City My Skate Spot, Leeds Playhouse
My World My City My Neighbourhood, LEEDS 2023
Leeds Street Skating Survey, LEEDS 2023
Give galleries to the people, Arts Professional
How LEEDS 2023 is helping to empower skateboarders in city and combat stigma, Yorkshire Evening Post, 8 Aug
Skateboard community has so much to offer, Yorkshire Evening Post, 6 Aug
Front Row, BBC Radio 4, 1 Aug, Nick Ahad
Artists Who Skate #1, Chris Alton
RWTG X Leeds Playhouse Session 2022, The Skateboarder's Companion
(Solo Exhibition)
Case Studies, Research Field Station, Leeds School of Arts, Leeds Beckett University 
Talent Show, U Contemporary, Moscow
(Group Exhibition)
The Gallery in the Expanded Field, U Contemporary, Moscow
Wäscheleine, Volkskammer Berlin + Test Space International, Shloss Wand, near Lientz, Austria
Scone ’N Moan, The Exchange, Penzance
The Jerwood Newlyn Residency, Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, Penzance
Contemporary Art, Talent and the Art School Curriculum, British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow
The Foundation Course in Art and Design: Past, Present and Future: Collective Imaginings, INFE (International Network of Foundation Educators)
Case Studies, Leeds School of Arts, Leeds Beckett University
(Group Exhibition)
Thumbs Up, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Paul Hamlyn Awards for Artists
Transmitter, FutureLab, West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai
 ‘Thumbs Up’ to making galleries more welcoming, Disability Arts Online, Letty McHugh
England: Talking of Art. Contemporary Artists from England, Fondazione Imago Mundi
(Solo Exhibition)
But what if we tried?, Touchstones, Rochdale
An Evening with Harry Meadley, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Jatiwangi Art Factory, West Java, Indonesia
Venture Arts, Manchester
(Art Fair)
Dallas Art Fair [w/ Division of Labour]
Magical Mystery Store, UKRegistarsGroup
Artist of the Year, Rochdale Borough Sports & Culture Awards
Harry Meadley: But what if we tried?, Art Monthly, April, Tom Emery
Harry Meadley: But what if we tried?, Corridor 8, Denise Courcoux
The big question: how many paintings can you fit on a wall?, The Guardian, 2 March, Helen Pidd
In the frame: two radically different plans for civic art collections, The Guardian, 1 March, Helen Pidd
North West Today / North West Tonight, BBC 1, 18 Feb
The impossible exhibition, Lancashire Life, February
The gallery attempting to display its entire art collection, Richard Moss, Museum Crush
Yorkshire, The Essay, BBC Radio 3, 24 Jan, Andrew Martin

(Group Exhibition)
We Are Where We Are, Great Exhibition of the North, BALTIC 39, Newcastle
APPAREL, Division of Labour, Salford
The Annotated Reader, Cork Street Galleries, London
(Film Festival)
Doc/Fest: Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Sheffield
Improv 101, UCB Theatre, New York
Salon, ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Programme), New York
Ey Up Live, The Tetley, Leeds
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Residency, Café Tissardmine, Morocco
Watch in a bright room and at a safe distance from the TV!, The Trophy Room, Liverpool
The Annotated Reader; Ryan Gander, Jonathan P Watts
Questions for Now, Art Licks, Issue 23
We Are Where We Are, Corridor 8, Grace Denton
Great Exhibition of the North artists on 'freedom, cheap rent and community’, BBC Onine, 22 June, Ian Youngs
Watch in a bright room and at a safe distance from the TV! @ The Trophy Room, The State of The Arts, Gabriella Warren-Smith

ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Programme), New York
The Tetley, Leeds
Ey Up with Harry Meadley, Podcast

blip bli
p blip, Leeds

(Solo Exhibition)
In Dialogue, The Floating Cinema × UP Projects, Sheffield, Rotherham, Swinton, Doncaster, Thorne, Goole, South Ferriby, Hull
LEVEL 4, 1.51 (Whitechapel Gallery Window Space), London
(Group Exhibition)
How The Light Gets In, New Collection Displays, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds
Distant Constellations, The Great Medical Disaster, Manchester
The Worst Seats in the House, SET, London
Things, 2/2 6 Dixon Street, Glasgow
You’ve Been (Culturally) Framed!, Following The Fleet / The Floating Cinema, Hull
The Harry Meadley Show, Jerwood Staging Series Jerwood Space, London
Stories from the Sculpture City, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
Harry Meadley: On the Bench, Jamie Sutcliffe, Art Monthly, September
The 10 best things to do this week, The Guardian, 4 August
Floating Cinema, Doncopolitan, Issue 24
Jerwood Staging Series, this is tomorrow, Henry Broome
Jerwood Staging Series, The Harry Meadley Show, Sean Ashton

(Duo Exhibition)
Moments of Zen [w/ David McLeavy], Turf Projects, London
(Group Exhibition)
Associate Artists, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool
General Studies, OUTPOST, Norwich
Five Finger Discount, Bronze Dog, Göteborg
Shape Up Or Ship Out, Left Leg Gallery, Newcastle
The Kippenberger Challenge, de Appel, Amsterdam
Saga (Tamaran), El Castillo, Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria
FOUR WORDS, Liverpool Media Wall, Liverpool
Artists Talk, Bluecoat, Liverpool; Eastside Projects, Birmingham; G39, Cardiff; Turf Projects, London
A Patchwork of Fur, Audiobook
Recent Activity, Printed Matter, New York
The Digital Instability, Royal College of Art, London
Leeds Weirdo Club, Doggerland, Samuel Playford-Greenwell

(Solo Exhibition)
LEVEL 3, Spike Island Test Space, Bristol
(Group Exhibition)
Display Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
Italian and British artists meet Milan N.2, BeatTricks, Milan
Rabble M.C., HUTT, Nottingham
Discovery Centre, Leeds Weirdo Club, Leeds
I’M Ten, IMT Gallery, London
You think the only people who are people, are the people who look like you. But if you walk in the footsteps of a stranger, you learn things you never knew you never knew., Two Queens, Leicester
Tuff Crowd, Picnic Picnic, Sheffield
Business As Usual, Turf Projects, London; Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Pyramid arts centre
Finite Project Altered When Open, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
Faux Show, Assembly House, Leeds
Cheese Cube, TOAST, Manchester
Small bird’s nest with blue eggs inside, MMX Gallery, London
The Programme, Hanover Project, Preston
(Art Fair)
The Manchester Contemporary [w/ Cactus]
Artists Talk, Spike Island, Bristol
Billboard Commission, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
Leeds Weirdo Club Annual 2014 [w/ Matthew Crawley and David Steans]
Tuff Crowd, this is tomorrow, Lindsey Mendick
New Art Spaces: Open House, Eleanor Clayton, Art Monthly, May
The Manchester Contemporary, Corridor 8, Abby Kearney

Leeds Weirdo Club

(Solo Exhibition)
LEVEL 2, Cactus, Liverpool
(Duo Exhibition)
Code Duello [w/ Alex Farrar], LOODS 6, Amsterdam
hibition [w/ Sean Kaye], Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds
(Group Exhibition)
Emotional Resources, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland
Day Release, The Northern Charter, Newcastle
Form: Perform: Reform, Generator Projects, Dundee
£1 FISH, S1 Artspace, Sheffield
Dom Peri, Leeds Weirdo Club, Leeds
COMBINES #5, Model, Liverpool
I Dunno Shit, Rouge Project Space, Manchester
The Panj Piare ASSEMBLE, Grand Union, Birmingham
Code Duello (catalogue) [w/ Alex Farrar] 
Review: The Panj Piare Asssemble, this is tomorrow, Rebecca Senior
Day Release, this is tomorrow, Rebecca Senior
Emotional Resources, this is tomorrow, Josh Wilson
Harry Meadley, Young Artists in Conversation, David McLeavy

(Solo Exhibition)
LEVEL 1, Paradise Row (The Basement), London
Play It as It Lies, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
(Group Exhibition)
Tip of the Iceberg, Contemporary Art Society, London
Contemporary Figuration, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen
Wu Tang - Killa Beez, blip blip blip, Leeds
Headless Body found in Topless Bar, Leeds Weirdo Club, Leeds 
An Arrangement in White, XO, Leeds
’Leeds’ (1976): A Discussion and a Game, &Model × Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
Out of Bounds, David Dale Gallery, ISBN 978-0-9927569-0-1
Code Duello [w/ Alex Farrar], ISBN 978-94-91783-00-5 
Leeds Weirdo Club Annual 2013/2014 [w/ Matthew Crawley and David Steans] 

Harry Meadley @ Paradise Row reviewed, AQNB,
The Second Quarterly Leeds Weirdo Club Exhibition, Corridor 8, Kirstie Gregory

(Solo Exhibition)
Stay Gold, Annet Gelink Gallery (The Bakery), Amsterdam
(Group Exhibition)
The Panj Piare VOLUME 2, Patrick Studios, Leeds
Plus Art Projects, The Mayor’s Parlour, London
Eyes on the Prize, HMK {HotelMariaKapel}, Hoorn
Eyes on the Prize, Trade, Nottingham
Young British Art II, Dienstgebäude, Zürich
B.C.#2.1, Beach, London
B.C.#2, Mexico, Leeds
PLINY, The Golden Fleece, York
Glamourie, PSL, Leeds
(Art Fair)
Co/Lab at Art Platform Los Angeles [w/ The Institute of Jamais Vu]
Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn
GLAMOURIE [w/ David Steans], Project Space Leeds
GLAMOURIE Deluxe Edition [w/ David Steans], Project Space Leeds

The Harry Meadley Prize, Leeds College of Art

(Solo Exhibition)
No Hands, The Institute of Jamais Vu, London
lives and works, LimaZulu, London
(Group Exhibition)
Young British Art, Limoncello, London
Young British Art, Peter Suchin, Art Monthly, June
Catalogue Available, Alex Farrar, 2011

(Solo Exhibition)
lives and works, Kunstfreund Gallery, Leeds
BGPs, The One-Offs Project, Leeds
(Group Exhibition)
The Panj Piare, Project Space Leeds
Demob Happy, Teto Projects, Amsterdam
A Latento: works by Alex Farrar, Harry Meadley, Iona Smith; Henry Moore Institute Library, Leeds
Battersea Arts Centre, London
Arts&Business North Awards
Remote Viewing, notes of the work (tba) in Index, Alex Farrar
An exordium to the forthcoming exhibition ‘NOT REALLY HERE NOT REALLY THERE’ (Full edit) (SUBTITLES ON) in NOT REALLY HERE NOT REALLY THERE exhibition catalogue, The One-Offs Project
The Developing Process: The sculptor’s education in drawings and photography - Wednesday Talks in Henry Moore Institute Newsletter February/March Issue No. 88
BGPs, The One-Offs Project
A Latento Volume 4 [w/ Alex Farrar and Iona Smith], ISSN: 1755-5787
A LATENTO 3 [w/ Alex Farrar and Iona Smith], ISSN: 1755-5787
Embedded Art and the Perils of Patronage, Sean Ashton, MAP #24, Winter
Big break proves golden opportunity for artistic award, Chris Bond, Yorkshire Post, 19th March

The Private Gallery of Harry Meadley and Rachel Carter, Leeds

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University)
(Group Exhibition)
Some People Deserve Everything They Get, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
Souvenir, Leeds Met Gallery
ex, Leeds College of Art
superscript, East Street Arts, Leeds
A LATENTO 2- SAMMELBÄNDE [w/ Alex Farrar and Iona Smith], ISSN: 1755-5787
Sculpture Journal, Volume 18 Number 2

(Solo Exhibition)
,,SAMMELBÄNDE”, East Street Arts, Leeds
(Group Exhibition)
Interim, Leeds College of Art

MXXXII, Locker 1032, H Block, Leeds Metropolitan University

(Solo Exhibition)
Ersatz, Leeds Met Gallery
(Group Exhibition)
ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, Buchmann Galerie, Berlin
(Art Festival)
Situation Leeds: Contemporary Artists and the Public Realm
Zoo42, 42 New Birggate, Leeds
A Latento Vol.1: Incunabula [w/ Alex Farrar and Iona Smith,], ISSN: 1755-5787

Look North, BBC 1, 21 Nov

Foundation Diploma (Fine Art), Leeds College of Art
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